Need to set up a wise investment?

The secret is to focus on the Finishing Line

Whether it be for a SMSF or purely about wealth creation, don’t be blindsided by negative gearing, saving tax is only part of the equation. Far too often, buyers are lured into off the plan or dodgy investments which offer little or no prospect of capital growth. The consequences of buying a poor investment property are profound, and will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars at the other end when you sell, the finishing line. Rob’s vast knowledge of Melbourne’s property landscape gives him an unrivalled edge into which suburbs will increase in value based on the past, present and the future. Get Rob on side and capitalise on his measured advice.

Start with the facts

There is no substitute for the truth, the reality is facts don’t lie. With access to over 30 years of property data, Rob can see the finishing line well before you can. Focus on the criteria that matters and the negotiations will take care of itself. Don’t settle for fakes and off the plan sales that have no market relevance, stick with the cold hard facts.

Knowing what to look for

Stop wasting your time looking at properties that are over priced and have little or no growth prospects. Get the trained eye of a professional to select only properties that will give you the best returns. Just like a dangerous sea rip, it is what you can’t see that will be your undoing. Trust Rob’s vast property knowledge to eliminate costly errors that only an expert can see.

Wisdom is not an online package you can purchase

By equipping yourself with the expertise of a seasoned property advocate, you are setting yourself up for a wise investment that will pay itself off in the long run. Rob understands your needs, and will match them to a winning investment that will yield the best returns. Don’t let the investments you make today become tomorrow’s headache. It takes years to know what to look for so get independent advice to ensure you pay no more than what the property is worth. Contact Rob today for trusted, informed advice and let Rob’s experience do the talking.

Client Feedback

Brendan O’Kane, Hong Kong

Using Rob was such a relief. His advice was concise and always based on fact which gave us the confidence to know we got the right investment property, in the right location at the right price. Given we were overseas at the time, Rob saved us a lot of time and money.

Rawle Watson Jones, Commercial Lawyer

Running a legal practice means I am time poor, sadly. That’s why I used Rob to make sure a subject matter expert was looking after me while I looked after others. If you’re time poor don’t do it yourself and compromise outcomes. Get Rob on the job.

Colin Agar, Farmer Western District

I am a farmer who lives 3.5 hours from Melbourne. Rob had the ability to isolate exactly what I was looking for and not waste my time looking at properties I would have no interest in. This saved me a huge amount of time not to mention travel and his knowledge was unbelievable.


To make sure your agent doesn’t under deliver on the sale of your house get independent advice, call Rob.



If you think you are vulnerable, you probably are so let Rob make you the expert to avoid the hidden maze of mistakes that so often go unnoticed.


About Rob

Having over 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Rob has been around the block a few times.