Buying your next home?

Know your limitations

To the untrained eye, the Colosseum appears like any other amphitheatre. But beneath the surface, you’ll find a complex network of rooms and corridors laced with intricate traps and dead ends. Buying a property is no different, it is like a maze and even if you make it to the other side, the mistakes you make along the way can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. So who is there to pull you up when you are about to make one of the most important decisions in your life ? It certainly won’t be the selling agent, they are acting for the other side. The reality is you would never enter a Court without representation, so why would you contemplate doing anything different buying a property ? If you think you are vulnerable, you probably are so let Rob make you the expert by guiding you through the hidden maze of mistakes that so often go unnoticed.

Buyer advocacy services can be separated into different packages:

Having a specialist on your side gives you the upper hand to achieve the best outcome when buying property. Rob will:

  • Search – Discovery
  • Evaluation – Purchase includes bidding or
  • Bidding Only
Don’t be fooled by the internet, it takes a keen eye to know what to look for. The search & discovery component is essential for buyers who are time poor or who do not live in Melbourne. Buying a property can take weeks if not months and countless inspections. It is not a decision you should rush, just because you are time poor or happen to be in Melbourne for a stopover. Don’t waste valuable time looking at properties are not suitable or you can’t afford, allow Rob’s experience and knowledge to help identify the best properties, let Rob find your perfect match. And then there are off market properties which are sold discreetly without ever being advertised. Rob is well connected and has access to properties that are never released to the public. If anyone can find the needle in the haystack, it is Rob.

What are the Key Benefits

Whilst there are moments during a negotiation or auction that requires instinctive behaviour you won’t find in the scripts, with Rob’s guidance sticking to the facts will give you a massive advantage in an industry dominated by selling and their agents. Rob will:

  • Attend all inspections on your behalf
  • Provide you with weekly updates in writing
  • Save you time by only submitting properties that are suitable
  • Detailed Comparable Market Analysis in writing
  • Arrange advisories as required and deemed necessary including building inspections, legal, planning, finance
  • Provide a comprehensive negotiation and bidding strategy

Client Feedback

Robyn Taft, Parent of 1st Home Buyer

I’m so glad I found Rob at a time when my daughter needed help buying her first home. He could hone in on the important issues in house hunting and helped her focus on what to look for. This empowered her to search the market on her knowing Rob was always there to provide advice and bidding for her. It only took Rob one bid, and he saved us heaps.

David Gallwey, Referring Accountant

Rob has guided our clients through complicated buying and selling situations. Some of the time, clients just want advice without any high-pressure sales tactics. We trust Rob and can always rely on Rob to give us sage advice, 24/7.

Lisa Dawson, Investor’s Daughter

Even though my parents live in Sydney, Rob always kept us in the loop and encouraged me to actively get involved in the process so that Mum and Dad had another set of eyes to feed off. This enhanced our trust in Rob, and made the whole process seamless.

Tamsin & Richard Jowett, Selling a family home

Having a young family is a full time job these days, and my husband works extremely long hours. We simply don’t have the time. Rob is a marvel dealing with agents, just having Rob by our side has been a god send.


To make sure your agent doesn’t under deliver on the sale of your house get independent advice, call Rob.



Rob’s vast knowledge of Melbourne’s property landscape gives him an unrivalled edge into which suburbs increase in value. Get Rob on side.


About Rob

Having over 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Rob has been around the block a few times.