Client Feedback

Shandra Simpson

What impressed us most about Rob was he did exactly what he said he would do. Our City property was sold within a nanosecond and w...

Jeff Hooper

Hand me a calculator and I will nail it. But when it comes to real estate, good luck working out your bottom line. In Rob, I got t...

Henry Maling

Rob has acted for a no. of my clients over the years. His professional wherewithal into the management of the sale has given my cl...

Geoff Clifford

I have engaged Rob on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. His knowledge and honesty is unrivalled. What I love most abo...

Brendan O’Kane

Using Rob was such a relief. His advice was concise and always based on fact which gave us the confidence to know we got the right...

There is no substitute for experience

Rob is one of the most experienced Advocates in Melbourne. Very few advocates have his agency know-how. Before Advocacy, Rob spent a lifetime working as an agent, and if you ask him what requirements you need to become an Advocate, he would tell you to get sales experience. As an advocate, Rob is highly regarded by his agency peers and it is this mutual respect that gives Rob a distinct advantage.

“The sales industry is like a cauldron, it is full of intense emotions, you need to have been there yourself, to understand it”.

Rob is a strong believer in practicing what you preach. To really understand your clients you need to speak from experience. Rob has lived in Melbourne for his entire life and is able to provide an unrivaled insight about Melbourne as a city, property and which are the best suburbs.

Rob lives the dream, he owns the property he lives in with his wife and three children who have attended schools in the local area. Rob also has an investment property, he gets you. With experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge, facts. So, when it comes to giving advice Rob says “ the truth is facts don’t lie”. Forget opinions that are not supported by evidence and don’t let a good story get in the way of telling the truth.

Rob has all the tools including restricted access to comprehensive property data not generally available to the public to help you make champion decisions. Don’t be fooled by the plethora of online do it yourself schemes, let Rob tell it as it is. The sales industry is a cut throat business, and mistakes can be costly particularly in real estate given how much money is involved. Whether you are selling or buying, having Rob by your side will give you the peace of mind that you are getting advice that is independent of the sales cauldron.

Trust Rob to put your best interests ahead of anything else. Something you don’t know about Rob is that he is president of the oldest branch of The Liberal Party in Australia, is passionately involved in local football and cares deeply about the next generation.

Our Values


From Rob’s perspective professionalism is a measure of success, not a title. Rob’s clients always come 1st; he keeps them focused even when they lose sight of their goals or are overwhelmed by advice from other so called experts. Rob is a Pro.


The term ‘advocate’ is derived from Latin meaning Counsellor, a person who supports and champions for his clients. It requires trust and respect which Rob has buckets . Relationships are built on trust, and his results are outstanding, you can count on that.


You can not buy wisdom off the shelf. To know what is ahead takes years of experience. Like Chess, the game changers in Real Estate happen well before the final move is made. With over 30 years experience Rob will help you stay in front.


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Like the Colosseum, Real Estate is a maze, filled with intricate traps and a diverse network of corridors. Take the wrong path can be costly. Let Rob show you the best route home and avoid those fatal real estate traps.